DashX provides Xceptional service and products to the CNC Industry. 
We push the limits to provide Xtreme products, designs, and service.
DashX is an Xpert in the CNC industry, with over 20 years of Xperience!

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Servicing All makes and models of CNC Equipment, including:

  • Laserspec (LSI)
  • Ice Bulldogs
  • Camtech
  • Centroid
  • AXYZ
  • More


Maple Leaf We are the official Canadian distributor of SmoothSteppers Maple Leaf

We ship World Wide!


SmoothStepper XtremeSmoothStepper

Save $10 when you bundle Mach3/4 with a Smoothstepper!


Granite Devices Servo Drives

Servo Card


DashX offers
Robotics and Science Classes
to Australian students!

Xtreme Science Xtreme Science

Check out our Education website XtremeSTEM.com.au


Infinte RouterThe Infinte ∞ Ice CNC Router

An All-New CNC Ice Carving Experience!

Designed for a fusion of Xtreme Productivity with Xceptional Creativity

Sleek, Fast, and Powerful.



The Infinte ∞ CNC Controller

XEI Controller
  • Designed to Last!
  • Built with rugged parts
  • Easy upgrade kits for
    • LSI Ice Bulldogs
    • Camtech routers

Check out all the reasons to make your next controller Infinite!


Want more speed and life out of your old CNC Ice Bulldog?

Race CarsNew upgrade kits that will double your machine's top speed
extend the life of your motors for only $595!

Find out more.